Permanent Placements:

Through meetings or discussions with you on your hiring requirements and based on our extensive database of candidates, our dedicated and customer-service oriented consultants skilled with relevant industry knowledge will match the most qualified candidates through our interviews and screening processes to the job in the shortest time.

Temporary / Contract Placements:

Whether it is to aid business organization in handling project based assignments or short term staffing needs, we have a ready pool of experienced and qualified temps who are able to take on short and long term temp and contract positions.

HR Outsourcing:

To ease you from the operational and administrative HR duties and to leave you more time and resources for more important HR directives, we also provide the following:-
  • Enhanced Recruitment Process /Selection
    When you wish to remain anonymous due to certain strategic business reasons, we are able to front the advertisement and present you with a selected number of suitable candidates after a thorough in-house screening, interview and skills assessment process. Alternatively, if you wish to leverage on the goodwill of your company’s reputation but lack the resources and time to handle the recruitment process, Job Channel can work jointly to conduct the search process - screening, interviewing and skills assessment.
  • Payroll & Staff Management
    We handle all payroll, leave management, insurances, statutory contribution and HR administrative processes.
  • Leadership and Developmental Assessment Tools & Personality Profiling
    For more information, please email us.
  • Executive Coaching
    For more information, please email us.